Objectives of the Conference

In this globally competitive environment scientific analysis of system under study is the key issues in attaining market leadership. This competitive advantage through quality process, product and services in the market place is possible through the development of knowledge bases and easy access to structured databases on systems, processes and technology based on quantitative study. Further due to ever emerging new trends of fashion and taste as well as technology, predicting future with certainty can be the daydream. This theme is most appropriate in the current context as well as in the future. The Conference will not only take stock of trends and developments at the globally competitive environment, but will also provide future directions to young researchers and practitioners. Besides, it will help in sharing of experience and exchange of ideas, which will foster National collaboration. The Conference would be of immense benefit to Management, Researchers, Academicians, Industry and participants from Technical Institutes,R & D Organisations and students working in various fields.

  • Conference will be having keynote speeches, invited talks and papers from academicians, researchers, and industrialists from India and abroad.
  • Papers will be presented in the parallel tracks sessions.
  • Authors interested in presenting research papers of theoretical/applied nature or case studies are invited to submit their full-length paper latest by March 15, 2021. The paper should include keywords, full address and e-mail id of corresponding author.

Information For Submission of Full Papers

Submit Your papers at EasyChair: Click here to submit

Paper Publications

The selected/presented papers will also be considered for the publication in SCI/SCOPUS/Web of Science/UGC Care Listed proceedings/journals.

All presented papers will have the opportunity for publication after peer review in book series by Springer (Proposal is submitted to Springer).

No-Show Policy

Important Dates

Deadline Dates
Last date for receiving full paper March 15, 2021
Last date for receiving camera-ready paper March 31, 2021
Last date of registration (With Late Fee) May 04, 2021


Best paper award
Best presentation award
Life time achievement award
Young scientist award

Registration Fee

Category of Delegates Registration Fee* (Till April 04, 2021) Registration Fee* (After April 04, 2021)
Participant INR 2000 INR 2500
Student (UG - Indian) INR 3000# INR 3500#
Student (Other - Indian) INR 5500* INR 6500*
Student (International) USD 150* USD 175*
Faculty (Indian) INR 7500* INR 8500*
Faculty (International) USD 175* USD 200*

 * Includes session membershio of Forum for Interdisciplinary Research in Mathematical Sciences

*Individual letters of invitation, which can be useful for obtaining grants, will be sent on request.

Bank Details
A/C Holder - Forum for Interdisciplinary Research in Mathematical Sciences
A/C Number - 2794201001141
Bank - Canara Bank
Branch - Jaipur Mansarover
IFSC - CNRB0002794

Registration Guidelines

Once your paper is accepted the registration process begins. You must complete the following four steps:


Chief Patron
Prof.(Dr.) Ashok Kumar Mittal
Vice - Chancellor, Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar University, Agra, India

Prof. (Dr.) Sunder Lal
Ex. Vice - Chancellor, SVVPU, Jaunpur, India

Senior Advisors
Prof. (Dr.) Anirudh Pradhan, Professor, GLAU, Mathura, India
Prof. (Dr.) D. K. Ghosh, Ex. Professor, Saurashtra University, Gujrat, India
Prof. (Dr.) Jagdish Prasad, Ex. Professor, Rajasthan University, Jaipur , India
Prof. (Dr.) Sanjay Chaudhary, Professor, Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar University, Agra, India

Conference General Chair
Prof. (Dr.) Sanjeev Kumar, Professor, Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar University, Agra, India
Prof. (Dr.) Valentina Emilia Balas, Professor, Aurel Vlaicu University of Arad, Romania

Conference Co-General Chair
Prof.(Dr.) Munish Sabharwal, Galgotias University, India
Prof.(Dr.) Manu Pratap Singh, Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar University, Agra, India

Conference Honorary Chair
Prof.(Dr.) G. S. Khadekar, RTM Nagpur University, Nagpur

Conference Chair
Prof.(Dr.) Alok Agrawal, UPES, Dehradun, India
Prof.(Dr.) Darpan Anand, Chandigarh University, Chandigarh, India
Prof.(Dr.) Pokkuluri Kiran Sree, SVECW, Bhimavaram, India
Prof.(Dr.) Vishal Bharati, CU, Chandigarh, India

Conference-Co Chair
Prof.(Dr.) Manoj Kumar, UPES, Dehradun, India
Prof.(Dr.) Renjith V. Ravi, M.E.A.E.C. Kerala, India
Prof.(Dr.) Sharad Sharma, MMU, Ambala, India
Prof.(Dr.) Umesh Kumar Sharma, GLAU, Mathura, India

Conference Chair for Economics and Management Science
Prof.( Dr.) Alok Kumar Chakrawal , S.U. Rajkot, India
Prof.( Dr.) Deepak Tandon, IMI, New Delhi

Conference Co -Chair for Economics and Management Science
Prof.( Dr.) Sarita Agarwal, G. U. Ahmedabad, India

Conference Organizing Co-Chair
Prof.(Dr.) K. Priyokumar Singh, Manipur Central University, Canchipur, Imphal, India

Invited Speakers
Prof. (Dr.) Aaron R. Rababaah, American University of Kuwait, Kuwait
Prof. (Dr.) Ajay Shukla, NIT Surat, India
Prof. (Dr.) Avanish Kumar, CSTT, New Delhi, India
Prof. (Dr.) Bagwati Chamola, JP University, Noida, India
Prof. (Dr.) D. K. Yadav, NIHFW, New Delhi, India
Prof. (Dr.) Dumitru Baleanu, Cankaya University, Bucharest, Italy
Prof. (Dr.) G. S. Khadekar, RTM Nagpur University, Nagpur, India
Prof. (Dr.) Ghazi Khahmas, Palestine
Prof. (Dr.) Gabor Kiss, Obuda University, Hungary
Prof. (Dr.) J. S. Saini, DCRUST, India
Prof. (Dr.) Kanhaiya Jha, Kathmandu University, Nepal
Prof. (Dr.) Lakhmi Chand Jain, KES, Australia
Prof. (Dr.) Maggie Cheng, Illinois Institute of Technology, USA
Prof. (Dr.) Manu Kumar Gupta, IIT Roorkee, India
Prof. (Dr.) Marius Balas, Univ Aurel Vlaicu Arad, Romania
Prof. (Dr.) N. Z. Jhanjhi, University of Technology, Malaysia
Prof. (Dr.) Nevin Makram Labib, SAMS, Turkey
Prof. (Dr.) O.P. Mishra, JU, Gwalior, India
Prof. (Dr.) P. K. Sahoo, BITS, Pilani, India
Prof. (Dr.) Rajeeb Dey, NIT, Silchar, India
Prof. (Dr.) Rashmi Bhardwaj, GGSI University, New Delhi, India
Prof. (Dr.) S. K. Jain, Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar University, Agra, India
Prof. (Dr.) Sakthipandi K, Madurai, India
Prof. (Dr.) Sanjay Bhayani, Saurashtra University Rajkot, Gujarat, India
Prof. (Dr.) Vijay Rao, ISSA, New Delhi, India
Prof. (Dr.) Vilas Karat, Savitribai Phule, Pune University, Pune, India
Prof. (Dr.) Vinay Singh, Royal Commission, Saudi Arabia
Prof. (Dr.) Vijay Vir Singh, Yusuf Maitama Sule University, Kano, Nigeria
Prof. (Dr.) Vineeta Singh, Dr. B. R. Ambedkar University, Agra, India
Prof. (Dr.) Xiaochun Cheng, Middlesex University London

International Advisory Chair
Prof. (Dr.) A. Beesham, MUT, Umlazi, South Africa

International Advisory Co-Chair
Prof. (Dr.) Olha Prokopenko, Collegium Mazovia Innovative University, Siedlce, Poland

International Advisory Committee
Prof. (Dr.) Dr. Alex Khang PH, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Prof. (Dr.) Andrii kopp, NTU "KhPI", Kharkiv, Ukraine
Prof. (Dr.) Aunkrisa Sangchumnong, Suan Dusit University, Bangkok, Thailand
Prof. (Dr.) Dmytro Orlovskyi, NTU "KhPI", Kharkiv, Ukraine
Prof. (Dr.) Gulsun Kurubacak, COEAU, Turkey
Prof. (Dr.) Irma Aslanishvili, Georgia
Prof. (Dr.) N.P. Pahari, Tribhuvan University, Nepal
Prof. (Dr.) Shilpi Srivastava, Dubai
Prof. (Dr.) Vinay Singh, Royal Commission, Saudi Arabia
Prof. (Dr.) Nevine Makram Labib, SAMS, Cairo, Egypt

National Advisory Co-Chair
Prof. (Dr.) K. Yogindro Singh, Manipur Central University, Manipur, India

National Advisory Committee
Prof. (Dr.) Amit Kumar, KIET, Ghaziabad
Prof. (Dr.) Arun Saxena, Amity University, Mumbai
Prof. (Dr.) Awadhesh Gupta, SGI, Ghaziabad
Prof. (Dr.) B. P. Chamola, JP University, Noida
Prof. (Dr.) D. D. Pawar, SRTMU, Nanded, India
Prof. (Dr.) Deepti Mathur, PU, Jaipur, India
Prof. (Dr.) Hamveer Singh, RIT Faridabad, India
Prof. (Dr.) N K Sharma, IIMT, Greater Noida, India
Prof. (Dr.) Onkar Chaudhari, GHREC, Nagpur, India
Prof. (Dr.) R. K. Deovlia, ITMU, Gwalior, India
Prof. (Dr.) S. D. Tade RTMNU, Nagpur India
Prof. (Dr.) Sanjeet Kumar, LNCT, Bhopal, India
Prof. (Dr.) Sarita Nemani, New Jersey, USA
Prof. (Dr.) Sudipta Das, IMPSCET, India
Prof. (Dr.) U. S. Rana, DAV P. G. College, Dehradun
Prof. (Dr.) V. Purushothama Raju, SVECW, Bhimavaram, AP, India
Prof. (Dr.) Vijay Gupta, NSIT, New Delhi
Prof. (Dr.) Vikash Shinde, MIT Gwalior, India
Prof. (Dr.) Vipin Khurana, Gurugram, SVSU, India
Prof. (Dr.) Vivek Raich, Holkar PG College, Indore

Conference Organizing Committee
Prof.(Dr.) Ambuj Kumar Mishra, GLA University, Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, India
Prof.(Dr.) Archana Deshpande, GHRCE, Nagpur, India
Prof.(Dr.) Archana Dixit, GLA University, Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, India
Prof.(Dr.) D. K. Rao, I. E. T. Ayodhya, India
Prof.(Dr.) Deepak Kumar, MRIU, Faridabad, India
Prof.(Dr.) Kalpna Sharma, MUJ, Jaipur, India
Prof.(Dr.) Mahesh Joshi, LPU, India
Prof.(Dr.) Priyanka Garg, GLA University, Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, India
Prof.(Dr.) R. K. Deolia, ITM University, Gwalior, India
Dr. Rishika Sharma, BITS Mesra Campus, Jaipur
Prof.(Dr.) Rajshri Gupta, GHRCE, Nagpur, India
Prof.(Dr.) S. D. Mohgaonkar, RKNEC, Nagpur, India
Prof.(Dr.) S. S. S. N Usha Devi N, UCE, JNTUK, Kakinada, India
Prof.(Dr.) Santosh Kumar Sharma, BITS Mesra Campus, Jaipur
Prof. Sandeep Srivastava, GLBITM, Greater Noida, U.P. , India
Prof.(Dr.) Shashi Shekhar Singh, Amity University, Noida
Prof.(Dr.) Shikha Srivastava, GLA University, Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, India
Prof.(Dr.) Amit Gaur, MUJ, Jaipur, India
Prof. Giriraj Prasad Jangir, MDSU, Ajmer, India
Prof. Sanjay Sharma, SWPGC, Jaipur, India

Conference Secretary
Prof.(Dr.) Satyabhan Kulshrestha, RBSETC, Bichpuri, Agra, India
Dr. Amit Kumar Singh, RBSETC, Bichpuri, Agra

Conference Joint Secretary
Prof.(Dr.) Sunil Khah, JUIT, Solan, India

Conference Technical Program Chair
Prof. (Dr.) F. Rahaman, Jadavpur University, Kolkatta, India

Conference Technical Program Co –Chair
Prof. (Dr.) Mehar Chand, BFC, Patiala
Prof. (Dr.) Satyendra Kumar, ABES, Ghaziabad, India

Technical Program Committee
Prof. (Dr.) Ajay Kumar Yadav, SRM University, Muradnagar, India
Prof. (Dr.) Anubha Pandya, CEC, Indore, India
Prof. (Dr.) Arun Kumar Saini, The ICFAI University, Jaipur, India
Prof. (Dr.) Darpan Anand, Chandigarh University, Chandigarh, India
Prof. (Dr.) G.P. Singh, VNIT, Nagpur
Prof. (Dr.) G. K. Goswami, NSUT, Delhi
Prof. (Dr.) Kalpna Sharma, MUJ, Rajasthan , India
Prof. (Dr.) Onkar Chaudhari, GHRCE, Nagpur, India
Prof. (Dr.) Pooja Pathak, GLA University, Mathura, India
Prof. (Dr.) Satyendra Kumar, ABES, Ghaziabad, India
Prof. (Dr.) Sharad Kumar, CU, Chandigarh, India
Prof. (Dr.) Vikash Rai, SIT Mathura, India
Prof. (Dr.) Vinod Kumar Sharma, Gurukashi University, Bhatinada, India
Prof. (Dr.) Yogendra Rajoria, K. R. Manglam University, Gurgaon, India

Editorial Committee
Prof. (Dr.) Anand Sharma, MUST, Sikar, India
Prof. (Dr.) Narendra Kumar, The ICFAI University, Jaipur, India
Prof. (Dr.) Neeraj Kumar, Lucknow, India
Prof.( Dr.) ShashiKant V Athawale, AISSMS College, Pune, India

Finance Committee
Prof. Navneet Mittal, St. Wilfred College, Jaipur(Chair)
Prof. Sanjay Sharma, St. Wilfred College, Jaipur

Paper Status Committee
Prof. (Dr.) Vipin Dubey, GLA University, Mathura
Prof. (Dr.) Pooja Pathak, GLA University, Mathura (Chair)

Registration Committee
Prof. (Dr.) Anju Sharma, Ex. Principal, BM College, Jaipur, India (Chair)
Prof. Navneet Mittal, SWPGC, Jaipur, India
Prof. Gunjan Varshney, GLA University, Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, India

Travel & Accommodation Committee
Prof.(Dr.) K. K. Lavania, FIRMS Jaipur, India (Chair)
Prof.(Dr.) Vipin Chandra Dubey, GLA University, Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, India
Prof.(Dr.) Vijay Dwivedi, GLA University, Mathura, India

Publicity  Committee
Prof. Rashmi Ranjan Panigrahi, SOA University, Odisha, India (Chair)
Prof. Udit Mamodiya, PIET, Jaipur, India

Sponsorship Committee
Prof.(Dr.) Satya Bhan Kulshrestha, R. B. S. E.T.C. Bichpuri, India (Chair)
Prof. Pradeep Upadhyay, GU, Noida, India